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1.0 Overview

Michigan Virtual University’s® (MVU®) intentions for publishing an Acceptable Use Policy are not to impose restrictions that are contrary to MVU’s established culture of openness, trust and integrity. MVU is committed to protecting MVU’s board members, registered users, employees, and MVU from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly.


The content of this MVU wiki site is the property and responsibility of MVU. This collaborative content wiki serves the interests of MVU, and of our users in the course of normal operations. Click here for more guidance.


Effective, constructive and secure wiki site content is a team effort involving the participation and support of every registered user who deals with the information maintained at this collaborative content site. It is the responsibility of every user to know these guidelines, and to conduct their activities accordingly.


2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the acceptable use of this collaborative content wiki site. These rules are in place to protect MVU and to support the mission and goals of MVU. Inappropriate use compromises MVU’s ability to accomplish its mission and exposes MVU to risks, including legal issues.


3.0 Scope

This policy applies to authorized users of this collaborative content wiki site. This policy applies to all content posted on MVU wiki site.


4.0 Policy

4.1 General Use and Ownership

  1. Authorized users should be aware that the content they create on this collaborative content site is intentionally viewable by the public.

  2. Content posted to MVU Wiki is the responsibility and property of MVU. Reuse of the content is encouraged by the public, provided proper attribution is given. MVU wiki content is available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Derivative works can be distributed only under the same, similar or a compatible license.

  3. Authorized users are responsible for exercising good judgment regarding the reasonableness and appropriateness of posting activity and posted content. If there is any uncertainty, users should consult an MVU officer or director.

4.2 Security and Proprietary Information

  1. Confidential information should not be posted to this site. Examples of confidential information include but are not limited to: company private, corporate strategies, competitor sensitive, trade secrets, specifications, customer lists, and research data. Authorized users should take all necessary steps to prevent unauthorized access to this information.

  2. Keep passwords secure and do not share accounts.

  3. MVU reserves the right to restrict access as needed to protect the interests of MVU.

4.3. Unacceptable Use

Under no circumstances is a user authorized to engage in any activity that is illegal under local, state, federal or international law while utilizing these resources. The lists below are by no means exhaustive, but attempt to provide a framework for activities which fall into the category of unacceptable use.


The following activities are strictly prohibited, with no exceptions:

  1. Violations of the rights of any person or company protected by copyright, trade secret, patent or other intellectual property, or similar laws or regulations.

  2. Unauthorized posting of copyrighted material including, but not limited to, digitization and distribution of photographs from magazines, books or other copyrighted sources, including copyrighted music and video content.

  3. Posting material that is in violation of sexual harassment or hostile workplace laws in the user's local jurisdiction.

  4. Making fraudulent offers of products, items, or services.

  5. Any form of harassment.

  6. Edit warring, being the multiple reversion and revision of content in the interest of promoting an individuals' point of view.

  7. Trolling, being the posting of content intended to stir controversy and to disrupt rather than inform.

  8. Creating or sustaining "chain letters", "Ponzi" or other "pyramid" schemes of any type.

  9. Posting the same or similar non‐MVU‐related messages or links to large numbers of pages.

Content and links

The following content, including links to is strictly prohibited, with no exceptions

  1. Promotional material which diverts visitors from the valued core content of the site.

  2. Pornography and pornographic related merchandising are prohibited. This includes links to sites that themselves include links to pornographic content elsewhere.

  3. Links to pirated software, "hacker" programs, archives of "Warez Sites", game rooms or MUDs, Chat Rooms, IRC Bots, Egg Drop programs, programs designed to send unsolicited advertisements (i.e. "spamware"), or any kind of illegal software or shareware.


5.0 Enforcement

Any user found to have violated this policy may be subject to access restrictions, up to and including immediate termination of access without access.


Contact Information:

If you have any questions about this acceptable use policy or the privacy practices of this website, please contact us electronically at privacy@mivu.org or write to us or call us.


Vice President of Operations

Michigan Virtual University

3101 Technology Blvd., Suite G

Lansing, MI 48910

(517) 324‐5350


In the event that you are concerned about how data you have provided to MVU or one of its divisions through our sites and Services has been used, please contact us electronically at privacy@mivu.org or write to the postal address listed above.

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