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Middle School

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Middle School



Google E-mail and Docs: Only use your grsharedtime.com e-mail address at school. 


Typing Web: Create and use an account using your grsharedtime.com e-mail address.


Native Americans 1


Native Americans 2


Prezi: The Zooming Presentation Editor




NOAA's National Weather Service


USA Today Weather


WZZM 13 Weather



States Quiz Spreadsheet


New York Stock Exchange


List of publicaly traded companies



Garage Band Tutorials


Earth Day Games


Mrs. J's Celtic Knots


CNN Student News


Labyrinth Math Adventure


Try this one?


World Maths Day


PDF test


Quiz Maker


Scratch Help



Social Studies


Timeline creator website


Timeline Creator Website 2 (requires registration)


Branches of Government


Amendments List


Amendments Flashcards


Constitution Web Quest


Roaring 20s

More Roaring 20s

And More!


American Revolution Facts

American Revolution Vocab Quiz

More Amercian Revolution Vocab

Student Made Vocab stuff

American Revolution People




American Revolution at Mr. Nussbaum


American Revolution PowerPoints


National Park Service


National Park Service Interactive


Text book Site


Columbus History Video and Quiz


13 Colonies




Blank Map


Clickable Map for Information


Salem Witch Trials


Salem Witch Trials


Another Witch Trials Site






Castles of Europe


Capital Cities of Europe


Map Blank Outline


Mr. Nussbaum


Civil War

Interactive Battle Map at Mr. Nussbaum


Major Battles





Sheppard Software Geography Games





Christopher Columbus Biography


More Columbus


States Map


Pivot Animator Download



Download Starter Excel File


Investment Calculator

Investment Worksheet



LAN Messenger




Computer Parts Quizzes


Internet 4 Classrooms





coordinate pairs game





Timez Attack


Math Games


More Games


Multiplication with regrouping, exercise and practice


"Game practice"





Sheppard Software Geography Games


South American Countries quiz


Addicting Games South America Quiz


Addicting Games Canada Quiz


Addicting Games Central America Quiz


Addicting Games Europe


United States Capitals Quiz


Multiple Quizes in different formats


FunBrain: More States and Capital quizes


And yet another one




Brainpop solar system

The Nine Planets for Kids

The Nine Planets

Another one


Amazing Space

Passport to Knowledge

Back to Lab Links



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