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Instructions for Sick Day

Page history last edited by Mr. McWhertor 6 years, 7 months ago

Since Mr. McWhertor is sick, here are the instructions for today. :(


Evergreen Team 2 and Iroquois 4th Grade


1. Go to Typingweb and do at least 3 lessons with your hands in the correct position and your eyes on your screen, not on the keyboard.


2. Watch this short video, then go to the folder->public->Computer->Team 2 (or 4th grade)->gingerbreadtemplate


3. Remember that Ctrl + Z will undo any mistakes.


4. Save your Gingerbread Houses and we will print them next week. 




Team 3


1. Go to Typingweb and do at least 3 lessons with your eyes on the screen, not your hands!


2. Continue working on your Prezis. 


3. Save your videos for me to put on YouTube. Put them in HandIn->Team 3->Prezi Videos.


4. Work on your Gingerbread houses in Excel if you have extra time.



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